Arnys is a Busoma that used to be two weapons, before giving away Nebestigma to Issei Ariga.

 Physical Appearance Edit

Arnys has light blue eyes and long, blonde hair. It is described as "the most beautiful hair in the world". She often wears white clothes.

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Abilities Edit

Arnys has been shown to be capable of killing great amounts of people, in a relatively short timeframe.


Season 1 Episode 8 Edit

Arnys gets her hair cut and styled by Issei Ariga, who recognises her. When he later confronts her in an alley, she gives him Nebestigma. She then leaves.

Season 2 Episode 8 Edit

Arnys buys Issei Ariga a cocktail and tells after his last performance with Zsoltgewinn he's ready to fight her.


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Trivia Edit

Her busoma form can be seen in the intro Arnys may be the bow's name