The Azoth Sword is a legendary weapon said to house Beelzebub. It is held by Marcus Lithos.

Appearance Edit

The Azoth Sword is a silver blade with a large pommel, hilt and guard. The pommel itself is said to be a philosophers stone, in which there is a trapped demon.

History Edit

In the 16th Century, an alchemist named Paracelsus made a deal with a demon. In exchange for mastering alchemy, he would sell his soul. With this knowledge, Paracelsus made the philosophers stone. But then, he broke the contract. In response the demon attacked him, but Paracelsus managed to emerge victorious by sealing the demon in the Philosophers stone in the pommel of the weapon.

Holders Edit

Current Edit

The current holder is Marcus Lithos, a Chrysalis working for the Shoshidai.

Previous Edit

Paracelsus is an alchemist who originally sealed the demon in the sword.