The Chakram is a legendary weapon of the Gods, whose current wielder is Seiya Ichijo.

Appearance Edit

The Chakram appears as a golden ring, engraved with many lines and shapes.

History Edit

Ancient Indian tales speak of a country that angered the gods, so wielding a circle of light the messenger of the gods came down to punish the king and the country of people. The light of the ring burned the entire country to ash, and left nothing behind, not even a blade of grass. It is said that the weapon used was Chakram, which was left behind by the gods and worshipped as their weapon before it was sealed away.

Holders Edit

Current: Edit

The current holder is Seiya Ichijo, a Chrysalis working for the Shoshidai. After an encounter with Grimms however, the Chakram finally becomes a Busoma.

Previous: Edit

The only known previous holder of the Chakram is the god in Ancient Indian mythology, Lord Vishnu.