Gallon's Hammer is a weapon belonging to Yasuko Tanaka. She found it at the bottom of the sea, in a shipwreck.

Appearance Edit

Gallon's Hammer has a long handle, tipped with a sharp point. Near the head of the hammer, a purple scarf/ribbon is tied.

History Edit

The existence of the hammer dates back to Ancient Greece. Many knights participated in gladiatorial combat, and the winners usually had swords made by Gallon, a blacksmith from a small village. After achieving victory, a knight decided to viist Gallon. Instead of offering a reward, he murdered Gallon, because he did not want anyone else to win with a sword made by the master blacksmith. For three days and nights, Gallon's son cried over his fathers body, until at last Gallon's dropped hammer spoke to him, "I am that which has forged many blades and thus stand above them all." The boy took the hammer into gladiatorial combat, and easily beat all his opponents, including his father's murderer. Instead of a happy ending, the son was poisoned by the King's orders, as they feared the strength of the hammer, which then lay stained in the blood of Gallon's son, and the poison.

Episodes Edit

Episode 8 Edit

After Yasuko Tanaka is thrown overboard, the hammer speaks to her. It convinces her to pick it up, and then murders the remaining member of Yasuko's crew.