Issei Ariga is a hairdresser/beautician who comes into the possession of Nebestigma, which is gifted to him by Arnys. This causes him to become a Chrysalis.

 Physical Appearance Edit

Issei Ariga is tall and thin, and has medium length black hair. His eyes are grey.

Personality/Traits Edit

Issei is obsessed with getting revenge on the murderer of his sister, but he is also a rather blunt man.

History Edit

His sister, along with many others, were murdered by Arnys one night. For this reason, Issei memorised the look of her hair and vowed to take revenge.

Abilities Edit

Like other chrysalises he is capable of healing quicker than the average human. He will use criticism to create gorgeous haircuts.

Episodes Edit

Episode 8 Edit

Issei works on peoples hair, and does an interview where he states that if he found the girl with the most beautiful hair he'd "kill her". Arnys demands to get her hair styled, and reveals that Issei will recieve Nebestigma later. This proves true when Issei attempts to kill Arnys in an alley, but fails due to her Busoma nature. She then forces Nebestigma on him. The episode ends with Issei meeting Yasuko.

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