Kei is the deceased lover of Seiya Ichijo, despite being in her 70's she seems to think that she is 20 years old.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kei has long, straight brown hair that passes her shoulders. Her eyes are a grey-blue, and she often has her lips painted red. Her old age is clearly visible on her face, but she sees herself as much younger than she actually is.


Kei struggles with accepting her old age, constantly being lost in delusions of her younger years with Seiya.


Kei and Seiya were lovers, but they were forced to be separated due to Seiya becoming a Chrysalis. After this, they could only meet when Seiya was not needed by the Shoshidai .


Episode 7Edit

Kei is shown in the garden of her large house, among the roses. Seiya Ichijo and Gai Ogata arrive, which allows Seiya and her to catch up on some of their lost time. Seiya attempts to convince her to go to a nursing home where she will be better cared for, but Kei is filled with delusions of her younger years. After getting Seiya to help her into her wedding dress, Kei passes away on her bed.

Relationships Edit

Seiya Ichijo is introduced and presented as Kei's lover.

Quotes Edit

"You are the only one for me." - Hints at their relationship, the love she holds for him is the reason she considers herself to still be 20 years old.