Kyoka Kagami was the administrator of the Shoshidai, she decides when Chrysalises need to be dispatched.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kyoka has long brown hair and grey eyes. She wears glasses, and is often seen in the administrative Shoshidai uniform.


She's pretty serious but that might be due to the death of her mother and her father, Takuma, becoming a busoma


Kyoka Kagami is the daughter of Miura, though she was left behind after he became a Busoma of the sword Zsoltgewinn. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her under the sole care of Takuma Miura.


Due to being the administrator of the Shoshidai, Kyoka has to make many decisions regarding the organisations responses to Busoma attacks, and the dispatch of Chrysalises.


Episode 2 Edit

Kyoka Kagami sends Naoki Miki on a mission to retrieve the Azoth Sword.

Episode 4 Edit

Kyoka introduces Marcus Lithos to the Shoshidai headquarters.

Episode 5 Edit

Kyoka decides to awaken the Shoshidai's most powerful Chrysalis, Seiya Ichijo in response to a fight between a Chrysalis and Busoma.

Episode 9 Edit

Kyoka sends Naoki Miki and Marcus Lithos on a mission to recover the Halbert.

Episode 11 Edit

Seiya Ichijo attempts to convince Kyoka to allow him and Gai Ogata to fight the Busoma Zsoltgewinn. After Seiya realises that Kyoka is the daughter of Miura, and the Shoshidais anti-Busoma weapons fail, she allows the two to go fight Zsoltgewinn.

Episode 12 Edit

Kyoka tries to convince Seiya Ichijo and Gai Ogata to retreat, as they cannot hope to fight the Busoma Grimms.


Takuma Miura is Kyoka's father. After Miura became a Busoma, they lost contact completely.


"save my father"