Marcus Lithos was paralysed in an accident, causing him to seek out the Azoth Sword to cure his condition.

 Physical Appearance Edit

Marcus Lithos has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He's thin, but not particularly tall. He seems to favour sweaters when out of uniform, and otherwise wears Shoshidai uniform. As a busoma he looks similar to a jester and wore a mask

Personality/Traits Edit

Marcus seems to have issues making friends. The death of his family has left him somewhat traumatized, leading to him hiring staff to play the role of his family. By season 2 however, he loses it and becomes a busoma

History Edit

When he was younger, Marcus was in an accident that led to the death of his Mother, Father, and Sister. This accident also paralysed him from the waist down.

Abilities Edit

The Azoth sword can be used for a type of invisibility, by using it to cloak the user in shadow.

Episodes Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Marcus Lithos attempts to outbid Naoki Miki to gain the Azoth Sword. When this fails, Marcus steals it from the Shoshidai Chrysalis while he is distracted with the Busoma Zsoltgewinn.

Episode 4 Edit

Marcus is overcome by the Azoth Sword, but an intervention from Naoki Miki stops him from murdering anyone. Marcus also manages to gain control of the weapon once more, leading to Miki inviting him into the Shoshidai.

Episode 9 Edit

An unsuccessful mission to retrieve the legendary Halbert leaves Naoki Miki holding two weapons, which also makes him unstable. Marcus is asked to go fight his friend to stop him from violently murdering anyone he comes across. Marcus receives help from Seiya Ichijo and Gai Ogata, the two managing to eventually break Miki from the Busoma form. While Marcus is unaware, the Shoshidai decide to retrieve both of Miki's weapons, killing him in the process.

Episode 11 Edit

Marcus encounters Seiya Ichijo and Gai Ogata at the Shoshidai base.

Death Edit

After Miki's death, which Marcus was unaware of, Mini who was transformed to look like Marcus's ex, deceived him to believe that Miki was still alive and seduced him. During this time he completed several missions for the Shodshidai. However, when he comes to discover that Miki was killed to retrieve the weapons and that Mini was deceiving him, he becomes a Busoma and kills Mini and several others. Shin eventually kills him when he kidnaps his sister.

Relationships Edit

Before the accident that paralyzed him, he was romantically involved with Saeki Erika, who is now married to Tanabe Toshio, his best friend.

Naoki Miki and Marcus are considered to be more than friends.

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