Naoki Miki was a Chrysalis working for the Shoshidai. He posseunters Marcus, who he considers a friend.

 Physical Appearance Edit

Miki has short brown hair and brown eyes. When out of the Shoshidai uniform, he wears a leather jacket and a shirt underneath. He has also been seen wearing suits and tactical gear.

Personality/Traits Edit

Similar to Ichijo,he is kinda laid back but will get serious when the situation demands it. He is also in love with Mini and is (probably) more sociable. He occasionally jokes around and desires to have kids

History Edit

Naoki Miki's history is unclear, and how he came into possession of the Fallgon Sword is not specified. However, he has some past with the Shoshidai, considering he has a girlfriend in the organization.

Abilities Edit

Due to the powers of the Fallgon sword, Naoki Miki can summon lightning and use it to create distracting lights and for offense.


Episode 2 Edit

Naoki Miki is sent by the Shoshidai on a mission to retrieve the Azoth Sword. He succeeds, but has to bet against Marcus Lithos. As he drives the sword to the Shoshidai base, he encounters Marcus and the Busoma, Takuma Miura. Zsoltgewinn and Miki fights, allowing Marcus to steal the sword.

Episode 3 Edit

Naoki Miki stops Marcus from murdering his ex-girlfriend and her fiance. This also leads to Miki taking Marcus to the Shoshidai, as Marcus has become a Chrysalis for the Azoth Sword.

Episode 4 Edit

Episode 9 Edit

Naoki and Marcus are sent to retrieve the Halberd, a weapon being held by a CEO of a company. This goes badly as the man turns out to be a possed by the Halberd, after a fight Marcus was forced to kill a CEO,before he kills the CEO, the CEO struck Naoki in the shoulder which allowed the Halberd to bond with Naoki. Having two weapons causes various issues with Naoki's control over his weapons, and transformed Naoki into a Busoma. Naoki loses control, leading to him attacking his girlfriend. Marcus Lithos is sent to fight him, as well as Seiya Ichijo and Gai Ogata. They succeed in breaking Naoki out of the Busoma after a short fight, though the battle does leave Seiya injured. The Shoshidai decide that leaving Naoki with two weapons is guaranteed to lead to him becoming a Busoma with no hope of being saved. This leads to them deciding to retrieve both weapons.

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Marcus Lithos-Friend

Mina Hiraya-former girlfriend

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