Nebestigma is a legendary sword belonging to Issei Ariga. It houses a snow faerie.

Appearance Edit

Nebestigma is a thin blade with a striped handle. A blue gem separates the handle and blade. Ice can cover the blade.

History Edit

The origin of Nebestigma stretches back many years, when two men fell in love with a snow faerie. They fought to the death over her love, and as the loser was dying he whispered his last wish to the faerie, to hold him to her breast. The faerie granted his wish, and her legs touched the ground for the first time as they embraced. But the man ripped out his rip and stabbed the faerie with it, believing that if he could not have her no one could. From the bone was made a sword, Nebestigma.

Holders Edit

Current Edit

The current holder is Issei Ariga, who faces issues when it comes to not becoming a Busoma.

Previous Edit

The swords previous holder was Arnys, a Busoma holding both Nebestigma and an unnamed bow.