Sayaka Ogata is the adoptive sister of Gai. She lives with her father, Amon, and goes to school with Shin Matoba.

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Sayaka Ogata has brown hair and green eyes. She is often seen in her school uniform, consisting of knee high socks, a grey skirt, and a grey and white top with a red ribbon.

On her off days she wears a pink light shirt (Yellow in episode 7), with a blue bra underneath, she also wears a white skirt, blue leggings and trainers.

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She loves her father and has a thing for Gai

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Sayaka was raised along with Gai by her father, Amon. Many of her fathers apprentices treat her with respect.

Once, when Gai ran away into the forest, Sayaka followed after him. This ended up with Gai protecting her from a wolf, and he suffered a bite from the creature. As the two walked home, they held hands.

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Sayaka succeeded in bringing Gai out of the possession of the Shiryu, which turned him into a murdering psycho.


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Sayaka reminisces about the time that Gai ran away from home, while looking up at the moon.

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Amon Ogata is Sayaka's father, so she looks up to him for help and guidance.

Gai Ogata is considered Sayaka's brother. She is protective of him and it is implied that she has feelings for him

Shin Matoba is Sayaka’s friend

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