• Shin Matoba is a young, pacifistic student that transfers to Sayaka Ogata's school. His family holds the superior Shiryu and is currently the wielder of the superior Shiryu

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shin Matoba has short white hair and olive green eyes. His height is similar to Sayaka's. Due to his rich family, he often wears expensive clothes when not in school uniform.


Shin is rather pacifistic, preferring not to fight if it can be avoided. It is possible that he might have a crush on Sayaka. At first Shin takes a liking towards Gai but later hates him

Shin turns very obsessive and jealous later on in the series towards Sayaka. He gets violent and often yells at her for choosing Gai over him. Shin seems to hate Gai for stealing Sayaka from him and also for 'hurting' his little sister Rie.


Shin Matoba is the son of the leader of the Matoba Group, a rich organization. Early Life When Shin Matoba eas a little boy , Grimms killed his mother and badly injured both him and his sister. While Shin recovered, his sister remained at the hospital.



Season 1 Episode 6 Edit

Shin is seen leaving his house, paired with a shot of the superior Shiryu.

Season 1 Episode 10 Edit

Shin has breakfast and talks about the activity of the superior Shiryu. He then has to decide whether to build a children's home or an elderly home, but compromises on mixing both. === Season 2 episode


Sayaka Ogata is a friend and he loves her.


" Take care of Ogata, okay? " Shin to Gai - S2 Ep12


His busoma form can be seen in the intro twice, one while [Gai]'s busoma form is walking and the other dueling Gai while [Grimms] is in the background He may or may not become a busoma or even a chrysalis