Sword Gai: The Animation is an anime series based on the manga series of the same name. Part 1 of the anime was released on Netflix on March 23, 2018.


A woman died a suspicious death in the forest. Beside her, the sword-smith Amon finds a new-born boy with a tragic fate and takes him in. About 10 years later, this boy (named Gai) has become Amon's apprentice, and loses his right arm in an accident while preforming a ritual. Amon decides to take a sword called "Shiryuu," which is a sword with demonic powers that has been passed down for generations, and fashion it into an artificial arm for Gai. That was the beginning of it all... [1]


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 Episode 12- season 2 Edit

Gai gets stabbed by Sayaka with the blade he previously made for her to protect herself. The pain he felt as a result gave him the power to overcome the control of the Shiryu. Now back in control of his own body he fights Shin Matoba who has the other, superior, version of the Shiryu. Just when Shin seems to win the battle he admits to Gai that he doesn't think he can stay in control and decides to allow Gai to kill him. As a result the other Shiryu also gets absorbed into Gai and turns Gai into what Grimms calls "the God of the Busomas". But instead of this "God" killing all humans as Grimms had planned all allong we get to see how Gai, Amon and Sayaka live a happy life with no further explanation as to how they got to that point.