Takuma Miura is the former administrator of the Shoshidai. He is now a Busoma of the demon sword, Zsoltgewinn.

 Physical Appearance Edit

Before Busoma Edit

His hair was black and combed back, and he wore glasses. He often wore the uniform of the Shoshidai.

Busoma Edit

After becoming possessed by the Demon Sword, Miura's appearance changes. His hair becomes white, and he often wears a dark suit with a black coat.

Personality/Traits Edit

Prior to his transformation into a busoma, Miura was a gifted musician, respectable leader, and a loving husband/father to his wife and daughter

History Edit

Takuma Miura was an administrator for the Shoshidai, but due to his obsession with the demon sword Zsoltgewinn, became a Busoma. Before this, he was a single father to his only daughter.

Abilities Edit

Due to being a Busoma, Miura is extremely difficult to kill if not using another legendary weapon.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1

In Episode 1, Takuma Miura and Seiya Ichijō travel to retrieve the demon sword Zsoltgewinn. After returning it to the Shoshidai safely, Miura is enamoured by it and steals the sword. He murders many of the Shoshidai employees, becoming a Busoma.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He can play piano. Everybody wants to know the name of the song he played. I wanna learn it