Yasuko Tanaka is a overweight woman who discovers the treasure of Throlla, before getting thrown overboard her ship and coming into the possession of Gallon's Hammer.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Yasuko Tanaka is an overweight woman with short brown hair. She often wears overly excessive amounts of jewellery, and seems to prefer the colour red. Her lipstick is often also red.


Yasuko often assumes that men are flirting with her, or interested in her. She is also very selfish and greedy. If season 2 episode 3 has to offer it's that she's been stalking issae for a while


Yasuko has had a large amount of husbands, but put all her savings into finding the treasure of Throlla in the hopes it would make her rich.


Gallon's Hammer allows her to survive under conditions that humans would not normally be able to, as well as giving her supernatural amounts of strength.


Episode 8

Yasuko Tanaka and her crew search for the treasure of Throlla, but when they discover it someone starts murdering crew members. The professor kills everyone but Yasuko and Billy, due to the fact that Billy murders him before Yasuko can be killed. Billy then pushes Yasuko over board, only for her to encounter Gallon's Hammer at the bottom of the sea and kills Billy by surprise.